Picture Board Quick Start


Dialog Button to create a sentence with “Sentence Creator”

Scroll Back and Forth to select word categories

draw or select your own picture and record word by your voice

Pages of saved “piggy banked” words for later use


Drag a picture/word you want to collect for later use into one of the “Piggy Banks” 

To see and go to the “piggy bank” board, click on either the pink or the green “pinky banks”

Games and quizzes to play and test.

Uses words and pictures on the picture board currently open



Go back to scrolling menu page

Picture board’s collection of words

Sentence Maker in Picture Board

Clicking on the dialog icon opens up sentence creator.  When Sentence Creator is open, navigate to different sections and click on words wanted to create a sentence.

speak sentence

clear sentence

delete back one word

“Piggy Bank” word collection

go to pink piggy bank

Drag word here to throw away

reorder words on board

play with words like a “magnet board”

make simple sentences here

All pictures and be dragged, when let go, goes back to its place.  You can drag pictures to the lower piggy banks to “deposit” it so you can use use your favorites later.

Sentence maker is available on almost every page of Picture Board.  When it is opened, words can be strung together to create a sentence.  The sentence bar can be dragged up and down if it obstructs and picture’s view